After oxygen or air, water is the most important or essential need for life to survive on this planet earth. It’s impossible to outlive on this planet earth without water. To understand whether a water sample is suitable or not for a drink or aquatic organisms’ habitation, we have to conduct a few water tests. These tests are known as water quality parameters by which we assess the quality of water. So, it’s necessary to understand the terms and concepts of those water quality parameters.

Assessment of water quality is essential in terms of any kind of environmental monitoring. Poor water quality not only affects a water body but the natural environment as well. Water quality parameters are the properties based on which we often can assess the quality of a water sample. These parameters help us to predict and learn about the environmental processes in our surroundings and assess the anthropogenic impacts on the natural system. These determination applications also can support rehabilitation projects or ensure environmental standards.

Course Expectations:

In this course, we are not going to make you a water quality-related experiments expert, but we are going to teach you the fundamentals, such as the definition of the terms, broad understanding of the parameters, etc., which helps you to clarify the terms and things of the water quality parameters. That means, in this course, we are going to discuss with you the primary water quality parameters which you need to understand the laboratory experiments well and also clarify any confusion if you have about the terms and concepts.

The following lessons of this course will discuss sixteen (16) water quality parameters specifically. Each lesson will define the different parameters, where it comes from and why the parameter is important to measure and in which unit we will measure it.

Finally, this course does not require any particular background to enrol. Learners can use the knowledge and certificates earned from the course in their day-to-day and professional life.


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