Mentoring-Learning Ahead in a Blended World (PhyGital or Hybrid)




The course in a lucid simple easy to understand language talks about the new age mentoring. It is important for all teachers and professors from school to the university level to understand the key concepts and processes in new age post pandemic technology. And the system is necessary for  for mentoring blended learning eco-system.

Course discussion points

  • what are proprietary, curated and aggregated learning resources?.
  • what are MOOCs.  And how can a mentor prepare new age learning content for the learners?
  • what is flip classroom?
  • How and why it can be useful in blended learning?
  • In times of fleeting attention span of the learners.
  • What  kind of strategies mentors can be adopt to engage the learners digitally and physically, asynchronously and synchronously.
  • Why examination is an old-school though?  we need to move to evaluation and assessment of both, formative and summative varieties.
  • How assessment can be conducted online, offline, on ground, and on mobile?

The course will also examine the concepts of

  1. mentorship
  2. organic learning
  3. use of AI-ML in education
  4. proctored evaluation
  5. open book evaluation
  6. learning to learn, et al apart from the concepts noted above.
Keywords: blended learning, proprietary, curated and aggregated learning,  flipped classroom, asynchronous and synchronous learning, formative and summative assessment, mentorship, organic learning, use of AI-ML in education, proctored evaluation, open book evaluation, learning to learn.

Guidelines for IOU Learners

You may have a look at  –

How to prepare for studying online


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