HTML for Beginners




The word web design means creating a website that is well structured user-friendly, and easy to use. A web page is a combination of color scheme, unique design, and layouts of the website. But it also needs to be responsive so that it will support every device of all visitors. HTML is one of the most renowned techniques for creating a website for both mobile and web platforms. Combining CSS and HTML is a complete package for a web designer. Designing a web page is one of the most important phases in creating a website because if the web page is well structured, then it helps to attract more and more visitors to the website. A web page plays a key role to set the first impression on a customer by giving navigation to that user what he/she wanted from the website and by providing good customer service, that customer becomes more impressed through that website. Which will help to get more visitors to the website.

This course will help you to gain details knowledge about HTML. You do not need a computer science degree or expensive software for this platform. And every video is too simple that anyone can understand and also can apply at the same time. Your journey will start from square one and then you will learn bit by bit. After working in this field more and more, you will become an expert web designer and developer.


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