It’s always a good habit of learning something new. Many students want to learn something new but cannot find proper lessons or courses. That is why I have decided to make courses for those who are eager to learn Robotics but lacking basic knowledge. But without good basic knowledge, you cannot go deep with a skill. This course of Robotics is based on those basic but important things that most of the students missed out on. We all know that the field of robotics has become helpful for teaching and supporting science and technology. Robotics has a part in every aspect of work and home. Robotics courses in university can help a student to gather knowledge and experience of how a robot works and how to build a robot. It is a must to gather the basic knowledge and learnings before starting the main courses.

This course will be helpful for newly admitted students in university with a keen interest in robotics or anyone who doesn’t know anything about robots but wants to learn it. Every topic is explained easily with examples and there will be tasks for some lessons too. So that it will help you to keep learning and tracking your performance. From this course, you will learn how we came to know about the idea of Robots & Robotics and also why we should learn them. You will also learn about what a robot is and several robotic components such as mechanical units, actuators units, terminologies of sensors. It will help you to build your interest and guide you with the proper knowledge for digging deeper into the area of Robotics.


Guidelines for IOU Learners


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