Policy on Utilizing AI tools

Policy on the Use of AI Tools for Course-Making


Our platform is dedicated to providing high-quality, original, and personalized educational content. We value the hard work and expertise of our instructors. As such, we have implemented the following policy to ensure the integrity and authenticity of our courses.

Use of AI Tools

We acknowledge the potential of AI tools like ChatGPT in assisting with course creation. However, we believe that these tools should be used responsibly to maintain the quality and originality of our courses.

Permitted Use

Instructors are allowed to use AI tools for:

  1. Generating ideas for course content.
  2. Refining the structure of the course.
  3. Preparing course assessment questionnaires.

Instructors are expected to personalize AI-generated content with their own experiences and perspectives.

Instructors may use AI-generated voices for narration if the content is not generated by AI and they need aid in correct pronunciation and clear audio instructions. In such cases, this must be clearly mentioned in the course description and in the content.

If any visual content is generated with the help of AI, instructors need to make sure that the tool provides the right to distribute and use the visuals commercially.

Prohibited Use

Instructors are not allowed to:

  1. Submit courses that are completely generated by AI tools.
  2. Include information that is inappropriate, unauthentic, or false.
  3. Submit courses that include AI-generated visuals that are not permitted/licensed for commercial or public use.

Course Review and Approval

All courses will undergo a review process. Courses found to violate this policy will not be published.


We believe this policy will help maintain the quality and authenticity of our courses while still allowing instructors to benefit from the use of AI tools. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.