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Web Design Beginner Lesson with HTML and CSS


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1h 50m

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Course content

1h 50m

Course Introduction

Introduction to HTML

Introduction to Text Editors

Write Your First HTML Code

Introduction to HTML Tags and Attributes

Introduction to HTML CSS

HTML Table and Form Elements

Guide for Proper HTML Styling


About Course

To learn web design or to become a web developer, we must first gain an idea about the HTML language. HTML is the language by which all the websites of the world stand. Without which we might not be able to use the Internet successfully. The main driving force of the Internet is the website. So learning HTML is a timely decision to start building your way as a successful web designer!

And that’s why we’ve come up with the course for you.

What will be in this course?

  • What is HTML, its origin, and version issues
  • The concept of HTML coding software
  • Creating HTML files and running them in the browser
  • The concept and use of important HTML Tags and Attributes
  • Concepts and uses of HTML Forms and Tables
  • How to easily create HTML tables and forms
  • How to write HTML code, how not to

Web Design Beginner Lesson with HTML and CSS: Who is this course for?

  • Secondary level students who are interested in learning the web
  • Higher secondary students who need to learn HTML Language for ICT Lab
  • New students admitted to CSE
  • A student reading any subject who wants to start working with the web
  • Want to be a web designer in the future to start their basics


In this course, we will learn more about what CSS is and the importance of using it with HTML. And learn more about how to use CSS. The specialty of the course is that it covers HTML and CSS very easily. I hope this course will help you to acquire the necessary knowledge about HTML and CSS.

Guidelines for IOU Learners

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How to prepare for studying online

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What to learn?

About HTML, its History and Version Coding Software for HTML HTML File Creation and Run in Browser Learn about HTML Tags and Attributes HTML Form and Table with their Usages Do’s and Don'ts in HTML Coding 


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