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Unit 01 – Peptic Ulcer and Anti-ulcerants
The whole topic describes the definition of peptic ulcer, antiulcer, classification of antiulcer, their mechanism, indications, precaution etc.
Unit 02: Analgesic (Painkiller)
this topic describes the definition of analgesic, how pain is formed and how painkillers reduced pain along with their indication and side effects.
Unit 03: Combination Therapy of Anti-ulcerants and Analgesics (Painkillers)
This topic describes the reason for prescribing antiulcerants and painkillers in combination.
Painkillers: The Inducement of Ulcer
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Anti-ulcerants are agents or drugs which are used to treat an ulcer in the stomach and upper part of the small intestine.

There are four types of anti-ulcerants.

  1. Acid neutralizing agents
  2. H2 blocker
  3. Proton pump inhibitor
  4. Antibiotics
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