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Number Systems :The Foundations of Analysis


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Introduction to Number Systems

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Number systems are the foundation of mathematics. It is impossible to live a successful life without participation in mathematics or numbers. We rely on various numbers in our daily lives either directly or indirectly. With regard to the modern age, we cannot imagine our lives without numbers, considering that computers only understand the language of numbers; this means that the modern technology surrounding us is entirely based on the Number System. The primary goal of this course was to foster conceptual understanding and appreciation of the applicability of the Number System.

This introductory mathematics course was designed to develop and solidify basic calculation skills. This course offers

  • A rigorous and coherent introduction to the number system in math.
  • Its different types, and characteristics, along with many detailed system examples.

One of the most widely used number systems in the world is the decimal system. This book focuses on the detailed and systematic construction of the number systems of integer, rational, irrational, real, and complex numbers. Topics also include prime factorization techniques for numbers using three different methods and the Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Divisor of Numbers. In addition, we discuss techniques for calculating the Least Common Multiple and Highest Common factor for the rational number. Exercises following the lesson on prime factorization and the LCM and GCD of Numbers help readers test their progress and provide practice in using relevant concepts. I have tried to provide a sound introduction to the study of number systems for engineering students, especially the B.Sc. (Honors) students in Engineering and Architecture. We used our teaching experience, open sources, and books that were relevant to the subjects.


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What to learn?

know the basic concept of numbers. Classification of the number system know the different types of Numbers with Examples understand the divisor and factor and multiple of a number. know the prime factorization of a number know the LCM and HCF of a number Simplify Rational numbers for LCM and HCF Know the application of Number Systems & Prime factorization.


  • Anyone can learn this course.


  • Undergraduates and beginning graduates students


Masuma Parvin
5.00 /5

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Masuma Parvin is a Bangladeshi national born on 1February 1986. She has been a Senior Lecturer of Mathematics in the Department of General Educational Development (GED), Faculty of Science and…

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Total 9 Ratings
5 months ago
This course is so amazing. It helps me understanding Number System in an easier way. Thank You.
5 months ago
I am very impressed with the quality of the material. The instructor was knowledgeable and engaging, and the course was well-structured and easy to follow. The course covered a wide range of topics, from basic number systems to more advanced topics. I found the material to be interesting and relevant to my current studies. Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to better understand number systems.
5 months ago
Best Number System Course
5 months ago
Amazing course. The explanations were very well presented and easy to understand. Thank you, Mam
5 months ago
The course is outstanding. It is too much helpfull.
5 months ago
This course is very helpful for all of us. Especially those who want to learn basic match this course is very helpful mam. Your course will help us a lot to learn basic match and more hard level match from basic.
5 months ago
Amazing course. The explanations were very well presented and easy to understand. Thank you, Mam. 😊
5 months ago
This course is amazing. It really helps us to understand the topic better.
This course helped me understand number system much better and in a easy way
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