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Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that allows for its ability to satisfy given needs. 

Quality is approached from two perspectives, the consumers and the producers. These two perspectives are dependent on each other. Although product design is customer motivated, it cannot be achieved without the coordination and participation of the production process. Quality is aim at the needs of the consumer, present, and future. Luxury is not quality, and  Toyota is a quality car, not Mercedes. 

Quality management is a process of overseeing all tasks and activities within an organization. To ensure the desired level of excellence which cannot be monitored by customers. Hence improving quality by reducing defects will increase good output and reduce inputs be termed as Productivity = Output/ Input. The course will provide us with knowledge about the effect of quality management on productivity by measuring Product Yield. 

For a company to maintain consistency across all of its processes, goods, and services, quality management is essential. Customer satisfaction is crucial in business. The quality of the goods or services a customer purchases should always be the supplier’s first priority because this is what the buyer is most concerned about when making a deal.

The course will teach us about the factors that define quality, about Total Quality Management (TQM), will provide us an idea about the cost of producing good quality products, and also inform us nicely that increasing production of good quality products will decrease the product cost per unit instead of increasing.  Learn Quality Management and gain a competitive advantage… Let’s start the course. 


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Meaning of Quality Total Quality Management Cost of Quality The Effect of Quality Management on Productivity Quality Productivity Ratio (QPR)


  • Management students, employees and those have keen interest in learning quality management


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Very good.
This course introduces us to the quality management and is an excellent course, you would definitely get confidence with the basics of quality management and once complicated quiz would look so easy to unravel.
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