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In this modern time, a huge number of learners are focused on research work which is very appreciated. While doing research on a particular topic the researcher needs to have a vivid idea about the content of the research which requires reading a number of resources. So it is very important that the researcher knows how to cite those resources. This course will help the learners to have knowledge about MLA Citation Style.

MLA Citation Style:

MLA comes from The Modern Language Association. It refers to a set of rules established by The Modern Language Association to acknowledge the sources used in a research paper.

Course Outline:

This course has five sections. Each section has video content that provides a vivid idea about MLA citations from a number of resources such as books, ebooks, journals, newspaper articles, stories, poetry, websites, blogs, videos, etc. Hence, the entire course is designed in a way so that the learners can learn to cite any kind of resource. At the end of the course, the learner will get an opportunity to test the skill mastery by answering a number of questions regarding MLA citation style.

Course Objectives:

This course will help new researchers to understand how to organize citations in a research paper. After completing this course a learner will be able to write the reference section of the research work. In addition, this course will provide the learner with a vivid idea about how to do in-text citations in a research paper. Besides, this course can help the students to learn how to write references in their term papers.

To sum up, I believe that this course will help the writers and the new researchers by opening up a new avenue of knowledge for contributing to their write-ups or research papers.


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What to learn?

This course will enable a writer to organize a write-up by providing an opportunity to learn MLA citation style. To be more specific the learner will learn how to write the reference section in a research paper, and how to do in-text citations in a research paper or any type of write-up. Hence, by doing this course the learner will learn to do the citation of books, ebooks, journal articles, newspaper articles, magazine articles, short stories, essays, poetry, interviews, videos, blogs, and website posts.


  • • Researchers, mostly from the arena of Liberal Arts and Humanities.
  • • Teachers who are interested in writing and teach how to write a research paper.
  • • Students who usually write term papers and are interested in research work.
  • • Writers of any genre
  • • Editors


Lutfun Naher Mahmud Oysharja
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A young writer, educator and academic researcher, Lutfun Naher Mahmud Oysharja, works at Daffodil International University as a research associate and teaches there as a fellow from Teaching Apprentice Fellowship.…

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