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Mathematical and Computational LANGUAGE – MATLAB


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Data analysis is essential for researchers to conduct research in an artistic manner. It is crucial to solve equations and use a graphing application to observe how the result behaves. Through practical and hands-on experience with the programming language MATLAB, this course stresses both viewpoints.

Through this course, learners are able to learn how to solve equations using modern tools and techniques. Students with little to no prior computer programming knowledge can learn it in this course. MATLAB is user-friendly, adaptable, and extremely helpful for engineers and other professionals. Writing medium-sized programs that address problems involving the manipulation of numbers is a great use of the special-purpose language MATLAB. The language’s structure makes it possible to create robust software in a small amount of code.

The MATLAB program is quite simple compared to the same program written in a general-purpose language, such as C++.   MATLAB is extensively used in industry and is used in a wide range of fields. Also including the natural sciences, all engineering disciplines, finance, and more. So, having a strong foundation in MATLAB is a necessary ability in today’s work market.  MATLAB is used in this basic programming course to illustrate fundamental ideas in computer science and programming. Students after successfully finishing this course will gain a grasp of fundamental computer science ideas and a general comprehension of programming techniques. After completing this course students are able to test his/her knowledge by attempting a quiz.  Also, they will receive a complimentary MATLAB Online certificate.

Finally, this course ensures the mathematical solving ability of the students. In the future, they will do complex calculations on their foundational knowledge from this course. Furthermore, students are also able to draw the graph of highly complex differential equations.


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What to learn?

After completion of this course learners will be able to, • Learn how to use MATLAB's features as a programming tool, are familiar with all of the software's features and can use the program with ease. • Learn MATLAB’s graphic features enables users to use them effectively in a variety of applications. • Learn how to deal with this tool in practical oriented data and observe its visual behaviors and make comments


  • 1. MATLAB Software R 2015a
  • 2. Laptop OR Desktop


  • 1. Learners who want to learn MATLAB tool
  • 2. Researcher who needs MATLAB due to 2D or 3D graph.
  • 3. Researcher who need to calculate result for a particular problem


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