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Dear students, my first question to you is, why do we learn mathematics? I think there are main 3 reasons 1. Calculation 2. Application 3. Inspiration Yes, Inspiration. Knowledge of mathematics inspires you to think creatively in your daily life. So, what you will learn from this course? A better course outline is very important for creating a perfect and amazing course so in this course, we will learn about, · Magical Disappearing Square · Play With Square Numbers Most of the learners are scared about square roots, so after that, we will learn about · Fearless Square Root And then we will know about most significant invention in mathematics is FN and PT · Beauty of Fibonacci Numbers · Art of Pascal’s Triangle After that we will learn about the · Most Beautiful Equation in Math Lastly, we solve most confusing series which is GS · Puzzle of Grandi’s Series So, I hope you will enjoy this course and thank you so much for watching and see you in the next video.
Thank you, my dear learner, for staying with me, during the whole course. I really believe from the bottom of my heart you can learn and enjoy a lot of things from my course, and you can apply this knowledge in your own different sectors. Lastly, I want to say, Mathematics is not just solving for X it’s figuring out WHY.
Magical Mathematics
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