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Integration Simplified: Learn with Ease


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When presented with an integral problem, students often become perplexed because they believe the solution deviates from the laws they already know. In order to integrate effectively, one needs to have a keen intuition or instinctive strength, which requires constant practice. I’ve been teaching English for more than 8 years, therefore I’ve developed a lot of strategies for developing students’ ability to comprehend and solve integral problems. As I move from one term to the next in my lectures, I’ll demonstrate several integral laws and their various derivations, a brand-new way of doing things. This gradual approach will help you understand the concepts step-by-step without any gaps.

The course includes video tutorials, practice problems, and quizzes to help you assess your understanding of the material. By the end of the course, you will have a solid foundation in integration and be able to solve a wide range of integration problems with confidence.


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What to learn?

Different types of integrals in a new form and their solutions Method of substitution Integration by parts Integration of rational function Properties of definite and indefinite integrals with examples


  • You need to know trigonometry, laws of integration, and differentiation


  • Undergraduate students of CSE, SWE, EEE, CE, TE, etc


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My name is Khadijatul kobra. I am a General Educational Development Lecturer at Daffodil International University. I received my bachelor's and master's degrees in mathematics from Jahangirnagar University, a public…

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