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How to Write a Formal Email


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About Course

In this global world, email is a very common practice and is highly used as a means of conversation for fruitful and accessible formal communication both at home and abroad. Almost every day to meet our professional and educational needs we write emails. Therefore, it is very important to know the etiquette of writing a formal email. In addition, a successful professional life cannot be ensured without ensuring successful formal communication. This course will help the learners to know the basic etiquette of writing an email.

Course Outline:

This course is divided into eight sections. Each section has video content that provides a vivid idea about email communications. All the sections are organized in a way so that a learner can get a clear idea about the simple etiquette of writing an email such as sender field, fronts, formatting, salutation, greetings, email body writing, replying to an email, pre-closing statement, closing remarks, etc. Hence, the entire course is designed so that a new learner can get a proper direction to communicate formally through email. At the end of the course, the learner will get an opportunity to test the skill mastery by answering a number of questions regarding the etiquette of writing a formal email.

Course Objectives:

This course will help a student to understand how to organize thoughts and messages in formal writing. After completing this course a learner will be able to communicate formally through emails. In addition, this course will give the learners a vivid idea about professional gestures of communication.

To sum up, I believe that this course will help students, teachers, job holders, businessmen, and people from every profession by contributing to their formal communication skills in everyday practice.


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What to learn?

This course will enable a writer to write in an organizing format whatever s/he wants to express for professional communication by providing an opportunity to learn the etiquettes of writing a formal email. To be more specific the learner will learn how to write each section of an email in an understandable way so that the email cannot create any miscommunication. Hence, by doing this course the learner will learn to write formal emails for academic and professional purposes.


  • • Teachers
  • • Students
  • • Businessmen and job holders of national and multinational companies
  • • Writers
  • • Editors
  • • Researchers


Lutfun Naher Mahmud Oysharja
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A young writer, educator and academic researcher, Lutfun Naher Mahmud Oysharja, works at Daffodil International University as a research associate and teaches there as a fellow from Teaching Apprentice Fellowship.…

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