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Getting Started To Robotics For Beginners


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2. Where, When and Why Robotics?

3. Classifications of Robot

4. Law of Robotics

5. The Structure and Components of a Robot

6. Basic Sensors and its Usages in Robotics

7. Sensors Terminologies


About Course

This course will help you to understand the basic knowledge of Robotics. All the topics are important to start with Robotics. Without the proper knowledge, a student can’t learn the major parts. It is for students eager to learn Robotics. The field of robotics has become helpful for teaching and supporting science and technology. One must need to understand the base of Robotics to be good at it. 

This course will help you to gather knowledge of how a robot works. It will be a starter for a student to understand Robotics.  Learners from anywhere in the world who has keen excitement/interest in robotics can join. The basic knowledge from this course will help learners in advanced robotics.

From this course you will learn:

  • The principle of robot and robotics
  • History of the first robot, about its inventor and its present
  • The importance of robot automation
  • Different types of robot and their usages
  • Law of building a Robot or should be followed by a robot 
  • Working Principle and Procedure of robot 
  • Building blocks of robot 
  • The important components of a robot 
  • Different Robotic Sensors 
  • How to understand sensor characteristics & applications
  • Learning about different Components of Robotics.

Every topic is easily explained with examples and there is a quiz at the end of the course. It will help you to keep learning and self-assessment. In this course, there are lots of images and bullet points to help your learnings. It will help you to build your interest in Robotics and go deeper into the area of Robotics.

No prior knowledge is required for the course.  I would be very delighted to help you on your journey to professional success. Join today to lead tomorrow!


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What to learn?

Provide organized starter knowledge for the beginners. Backstory and Importance of Robotics in workplace. Law of Robotics, it’s important for humans. Learning about different Components of Robotics. Learning about different Sensors and their Terminology.


  • Students
  • Beginner in Robotics


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