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Fundamentals of Listening and Speaking


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In the modern world of competition and representation, communication is the perfect skill to give you an edge over most of the competitors. Among the key skills in communication, listening and speaking fall under the most practiced category. From wishing your manager a good morning to wishing your family a good night- the necessity and impact cannot be denied. Hence, this is important to master listening and speaking for the best possible outcome in all the different contexts- you and I are a part of it.

The Fundamentals of Listening and Speaking course will help you develop their English listening and speaking skills for day-to-day communications. Besides, we will learn efficient techniques along with development strategies. Also, you will become aware of common mistakes most of us make and know how to fix these. For improving your language skills, technology can be a huge help. We will cover this part as well.

The course contents are specifically designed for English learners- as a language while living in contexts where the users do not receive adequate practice. The Fundamentals of Listening and Speaking course will take the participants through an immersive experience. They will learn how to listen and speak with intent and achieve communication goals.


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What to learn?

Opportunity to attend 10 lessons on different topics on listening and speaking skill Opportunity to attain skills from any part of the world Opportunity to test your skill mastery at the end of the course Discussion with other participants in the forum Certification opportunity after successful completion of the course


  • Requirements:
  • The course requires participants to have a basic comprehension ability
  • Prior experience of conscious listening and speaking would help understand the theoretical basis better.
  • In order to participate in the tasks, the participants of the course should have a notepad and a pen while attending the lessons.
  • Instructions:
  • Pause the video whenever a need is felt to repeat any portion of the lecture.
  • After the lessons are complete, assess your learning through the course evaluation process to avail certification.


  • Students who are interested in consciously communicating with peers, teachers, and family.
  • Professionals who have a demand for communicating effectively, deliver presentations, and engage in social interactions.
  • Enthusiasts interested in learning and discovering listening and speaking avenues for the English Language.


Munshi Nazmus Sakib
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Nazmus Sakib is currently designated as a Research Associate/ Fellow at Daffodil International University. His academic and professional background drives his passion for the field of language education development and…

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