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English Language for Young Professionals


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What is professional communication?

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Did you know English is not only the most universally spoken language but also the corporate world’s primary language? Did you know that good English is considered one of the biggest contributors to success in a work setting? If you’re still one of those people who are wondering what’s the importance of English in the corporate world, or how you can ace it; you can enroll in the course.

“Communication works for those who work at it.” Communication is part of the foundation of any successful working relationship. The ability to exchange information and ideas in English at work is essential in many roles. Communicating effectively with coworkers is key to having a positive experience at work. Creating a trusting environment is key to good communication in a workplace. People should feel comfortable voicing concerns, asking questions, and contributing their ideas. Good communication skills are crucial to any profession and any professional duties. Whether sitting in a meeting, attending an interview, or sending an email to a client, communication is of vital importance. Professional communication is defined as oral, written, digital, or visual forms of information delivery in a workplace. Professional communication in English involves various forms of speaking, writing, and responding within and beyond the workplace environment. It is used in memos, letters, business proposals, and press releases.

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What to learn?

• What is professional communication? And professional communication skills. • How professional communication is different from personal communication • Different types of professional communication • Spoken communication best practices • Written communication best practices • Communicating via different modules • Improving professional vocabulary and professional jargon • Best practices for preparing for meetings


  • Young professionals who want to improve their English language skills for better communication in the workplace.


Afsana Jerin Shayery
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Afsana Jerin Shayery is an educator and researcher currently working as a Lecturer at Daffodil International University, Bangladesh. She has been a Teaching Fellow and worked as a research associate…

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