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English Comprehension and Writing


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Course Introduction

Lesson 01: Purpose of Reading

Lesson 02: The Reading Process

Lesson 03: Reading for Main Ideas and Supporting Details

Lesson 04: Defining the Main Idea

Lesson 05: Skimming and Scanning

Lesson 06: Supporting Opinions with Evidence

Lesson 07: Expressing Cause and Effect Relationships

Lesson 08: Letter Writing (Email)

Lesson 09: Coherence

Lesson 10: Cohesion

Lesson 11: Cover Letter Writing

Lesson 12: Compare Contrast Essay Writing Basics

Course Completion

About Course

Being able to read and understand through communication empowers us to make decisions in our lives. Thus, writing skill is an essential part of communication. Good writing skills allow you to communicate your message with clarity and ease to a far larger audience than through physical or telephone conversations.

This course will be suitable for learners who have entered the tertiary level of education and have to study through the medium of English. But are not skilled enough to meet the demands of academic reading and writing. The English Comprehension and Writing course will help to attain the study skills necessary for studying in English. Also, there will be a focus on reading academic texts and writing for educational purposes. The learners will also learn to use written communication in a professional setting effectively. If you want to improve your English comprehension and writing skills, this course will be a perfect choice to begin with. 

In conclusion, the objectives of the course are – 

  1. Help the learners attain the study skills necessary for studying in English by reading academic texts and writing for academic purposes. 
  2. Helping learners to learn the effective use of written communication in a professional setting.


Course contents: 


  • Understanding the process of reading
  • Reading for main ideas and supporting details
  • Supporting opinions with evidence
  • Expressing cause and effect relationships



  • Letter writing (keeping in mind the conventions of email writing)
  • Writing coherent and cohesive paragraphs
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • Writing an argumentative/compare and contrast essay


Guidelines for Learners


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What to learn?

Identify information from reading a text by skimming and scanning. Apply acquired reading skills for academic and general purposes. Communicate effectively using written English.


  • Learners who have completed their HSC degree.


  • University-going students / IELTS examinees.


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Mahmudul Hasan is working as a Research Associate in the department of English at Daffodil International University. He completed his Graduation and Post-graduation from the department of English. His teaching…

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