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Ecosystem Services: An Introduction


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Course Contents: An Introduction to Ecosystem Services

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As Homo sapiens, we are dependent on our surrounding environment to live a healthy life by inhaling pure air to breathe, receiving pure water to drink, and getting crops to eat without any cost. All these things are the benefits that nature or the surrounding environment provides to us. We are dependent on those services. So, the ecosystem is a necessary asset for us for the services the ecosystem provides to us. 

The services connect humans with the environment in every sphere of the environmental processes. That’s why we must have to give the value that the surrounding deserves from us. Also, we have to treat our surrounding environment like we care or treat our family or children or parents. We have to consume those services wisely or sustainably. As humans, we have to understand the ecosystem and its benefits to protect our environment and the future of our next generations.

This course covers a clear explanation of the term ecosystem services, which helps you understand how nature is related to our life better. This course also discusses the different types of ecosystem services, which allows you to differentiate the various ecosystem services into specific categories. Also, this course will give you a clear concept about the importance of those ecosystem services in terms of the survival of we human on this planet earth.

Finally, this course does not require any particular background to enroll. Learners can use the knowledge and certificates earned from the course in their day-to-day and professional life.



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What to learn?

Seven (07) lessons within one (01) hour Interactive self-assessment quiz You can be able to define ecosystem services in your own way You often can differentiate between the ecosystem services You will understand the ecosystem functions/processes You will be able to understand the importance of the ecosystem, and it's services Certificate of achievement upon completion


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S. M. Mahmudur Rahman
4.70 /5

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S. M. Mahmudur Rahman is a Research Associate at Department of Environmental Science and Disaster Management (ESDM), Daffodil International University (DIU). He has a B.Sc. (Hons.) Degree in Environmental Science…

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Total 16 Ratings
1 year ago
This course helps me to get a basic idea of Ecosystem Services.
1 year ago
The contents are very helpful to learn new things
1 year ago
It was very helpful to understand the ecosystem services. Thanks for letting us know the informations
1 year ago
This course is informative and we are learning so many things about Ecosystem Service. ( Sound Quality is not much good enough) Overall it's a wonderful course who want to knows about Ecosystem Services
1 year ago
The concept of ecosystem service has been clarified through this course. Great Course.
1 year ago
great lesson learn through this course.
Already learned these lessons in the course in university tho, still a good course by the instructor himself. Thank you so much for the well designed course.
It's very informative and helpful platform to learn. I watched all videos and l also learn many necessary topic from this videos. But, I don't have any past experience of this type work so I was face some problem to attend the exam. - Thank you.
1 year ago
An easy way to learn an informatic subject
Very informative course
1 year ago
Everything is explained in a very beautiful way
it was so good. feeling good
1 year ago
From this I gather so much knowledge
1 year ago
Great lesson for learning about the basic about ecosystem services.
It was an interesting course. I enjoyed learning the lessons. The contents were informative and I have gathered lots of basic information about ecosystem services.
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