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Data Analysis Using SmartPLS 3 for Beginners


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1h 30m

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1h 30m

Course Introduction


Lesson 1: What is PLS?

Lesson 2: Why PLS?

Lesson 3: Model Development

Lesson 4: Restructuring Method

Lesson 5: Data Preparation

Lesson 6: SmartPLS3 Execution

Lesson 7: Measurement Model

Lesson 8: Report: Measurement Model

Lesson 9: Structural Model

Lesson 10: Report: Structural Model

Lesson 11: Example Paper Part -1

Lesson 12: Example Paper Part-2

Course Completion

About Course

SmartPLS 3 is a software to test path modeling of a research model that contains various variables. The Data Analysis Using SmartPLS 3 course introduces participants to the key skills required to conduct scholarly research. This one and half hours course provides extensive, detailed knowledge about basic research modeling for management and also focuses on social science research. 

In addition, the course Data Analysis Using SmartPLS 3 for Beginners includes details of using SmartPLS 3.0 software and how to interpret the extensive outputted information. Participants learn the mechanics of performing a variety of tasks associated with PLS path modeling “from the ground up”.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to understand the following topics –

  1. What is PLS?
  2. Why PLS?
  3. Model Development
  4. Restructuring Method
  5. Data Preparation
  6. SmartPLS3 Execution
  7. Measurement Model
  8. Structural Model

Moreover, they are provided with comprehensive examples of how to model, interpret, and report various PLS path modeling scenarios estimated using SmartPLS 3.0 software. The software is not only very easy to use but also has an intuitive graphical user interface. Since SmartPLS is programmed in Java, it can be executed and run on different computer operating systems such as Windows and Mac.

You can download this software from https://www.smartpls.com/.


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What to learn?

Participants will understand the concept and method behind structural equation modelling. Participants can develop a research model using SmartPLS3 for their research. Participants can estimate very complex models with many constructs and indicator variables. Participants can interpret the assessment criteria for the research model and hypothesis testing using SmartPLS 3.0.


  • PC/ Laptop
  • SPSS Software
  • SmartPLS 3.0 Software


  • Faculty members from Business/ Management/ Social Science discipline
  • PhD/ Masters students in Business/ Management/ Social Science discipline
  • Practicing quantitative analyst


Dr. Imran Mahmud
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Dr. Imran Mahmud is currently working as Head and Associate Professor at Department of Information Technology & Management at Daffodil International University, Bangladesh. Previously, Dr. Imran worked as a senior…

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Quite detailed
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The instructor makes learning easier; also helps to understand and encourage the learner to learn things happily.
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