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Creative Infographics Design 1: Interactive Circular Animation
In this topic, students will learn the following: 1. Drawing and customizing Basic Shapes. 2. Format colors of objects. 3. format backgrounds 4. Inserting text box and adding text. 5. Alignment of slide. 6. Formatting shape and text box. 7. Adding Animation.
Creative Infographics Design 2: Connecting bulbs, Lighto-graphic!
In this second topic, students will learn the following: 1. Merging shapes using different merge options. 2. Grouping objects using keyword. 3. Duplicating objects. 4. Rotating objects. 5. Aligning objects. 6. Applying Transitions. 7. Using different color fills. 8. Using different label effects.
At the end of the course, students will get some review on the topics which have been taught.
Creative Infographics in PowerPoint
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