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Creating Low-Fidelity Wireframes


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Introduction to Low Fidelity Wireframes

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The User Experience (UX) design field is one of the main skills in demand now. With over 100,000 job positions opening yearly in this field with competitive salaries.

This course is a preparation for you

  • To be equipped with the necessary skills to be a part of the next generation of UX designers
  • To set you on the trajectory to join the pool of professional UX designers in high demand from the industry.

UX designers focus on the interaction users have with products like websites and apps. They aim to make a good lasting impression on users. They play a key role right from the initial stages of the product design to post-production changes. The most amazing part of this field is that you do not necessarily need a degree to pursue this profession!   

This second part of the three-part course will help equip you with a practical understanding of drawing a working wireframe. You will learn what it means to draw a wireframe, and the various frames needed for a simple one-page of app. This course also explains what information architecture is about and how to implement it in your wireframes. As a UX designer, there are pitfalls that you are likely to encounter and we explain how to evade all these pitfalls. Finally, we delve into deceptive patterns which most UX designers use in luring users to purchase products and how to implement them in the right way.


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What to learn?

What is a low-fidelity wireframe? Information Architecture Creating a simple one-page low-fidelity wireframe on paper Draw your first wireframe What deceptive patterns are?


  • Anyone who has a keen interest in UI/UX


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