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‘We will call such numbers “complex integer numbers” so that real [numbers] are regarded not as the opposite of complex [numbers] but [as] a type [of number that] is, so to speak, contained within them.]’— Carl Friedrich Gauss

Complex numbers enable solutions to all polynomial equations, including those with no real-number solutions. More specifically, the fundamental theorem of algebra states that every polynomial equation with real or complex coefficients has a complex number solution.

You will learn about some basic ideas about complex numbers and their five different forms, such as Algebraic form, Geometric form, Matrix form, Polar form, division of complex numbers, and Exponential form. Also, You will learn about their operations.

There is some basic discussion about Euler’s formula which is the relation between circular function and complex exponential function. Simplification of some problems into the algebraic form using Euler’s formula is in one of the lessons of the course. Application of complex numbers in several Engineering fields such as Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Mechanical & Structural Engineering, and Control Systems is discussed in this course.

After completion of the course, we will be able to know the basic terms of complex numbers. We can easily multiply and divide complex numbers by using the polar form.  By using Euler’s formula, we will be able to solve critical mathematical problems involving complex numbers. To solve electrical circuits the knowledge of complex numbers will help us enormously. Different programming languages such as C, and Python use the knowledge of complex numbers will do a vast role to describe the complex function.

A quiz containing ten questions will help to check your adaptability to your learning and give you a certificate.


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What to learn?

Different forms of Complex number and their application.


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M.Phil. (Mathematics) from BUET MS (Pure Mathematics) from the University of Dhaka B.Sc. (Mathematics) from the University of Dhaka

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