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Central Banks and Monetary Policy


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Background and Definition of Central Bank

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Many different banks, insurance firms, and other financial institutions make up a nation’s financial market in addition to the country’s currency market.

In this class, you will learn about the history of monetary policies and central banks, as well as their purposes and activities, and how they have changed through time. The primary objective of this class is to teach you about the macroeconomic linkages between interest rates, inflation, and unemployment so that you will be able to evaluate the actions taken by the central bank and understand how these actions will have an effect on the economy. The ability to glean relevant information from the financial market and economic data about the macroeconomic environment and the actions of central banks is an important skill that will be useful for your decision-making both in your professional career and in your personal financial decisions.

This ability will be of use to you both in the context of your professional career and in the context of your personal financial decisions. At the conclusion of the class

  1. students will have gained an understanding of the consequences of the most important policy instruments
  2. how central banks influence the financial system and the economy more generally
  3. the role that central banks played in the most recent financial crisis.


The Central Bank is responsible for creating these rules offering guidance ensuring their application, and, above all, monitoring the country’s economic performance. We will learn all about the Central Bank in this course.


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What to learn?

After completing this course, we shall be able to: Describe the concept of the Central Bank. Determine the Central Bank's objectives. Examine the Central Bank's functions. Examine the goal of monetary policy. Assess the credit control system.


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6 months ago
Good for beginners who want to take preparation for central bank and its banking system. Recommended.
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