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We live on land but we are greatly dependent on the ocean, more precisely oceanic resources. We know that almost three fourth of this earth is filled up with water. But unfortunately, people used oceanic resources improperly. That is why there have been huge impacts on the biodiversity of the Marine environment. If our economic activities go like this then one day beside the depletion of marine resources and also excessive marine pollution, survival of the human beings will also be difficult. Therefore a new economy has come our way which is known as the blue economy. The blue economy is one kind of economy that ensures the sustainability of oceanic resources and also economic growth. This course will discuss the basics of the blue economy and also its prospects and challenges worldwide and in Bangladesh. The course is not conventional. The department of environmental science and disaster management of Daffodil International University offers, of course, titled ‘environmental economics’ and within that blue economy is taught. And this course has been designed based on the live and real classroom experience held at daffodil Smart City Ashulia. It doesn’t require any particular background to enroll in the course. Learners can use the knowledge and certificates earned from the course in their day-to-day and professional life. The course includes –

  • 9 lectures within an hour
  • graphic contents for a better understanding
  • interactive self-assessment
  • certificate of achievement upon completion

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What to learn?

The basics of definition - concept and definition of blue economy, difference between ocean and blue economy. At the same time, prospects and challenges of blue economy worldwide. Also the Bangladesh perspective - history, boundary and prospects.


  • - University Students and Graduates
  • - Enthusiastic Learners
  • - Executives working in relevant fields


Sadril Khan
4.91 /5

3 Courses

Md. Sadril Islam Khan is a Senior Lecturer at Department of Environmental Science and Disaster Management, Daffodil International University. He has a MSc. Degree in Renewable Energy & Resource Management…

Student Ratings & Reviews

Total 8 Ratings
6 months ago
nice i like it
6 months ago
Exceptional than any other courses and interesting enough
6 months ago
Very interesting course. Enjoyed it a lot.
6 months ago
Very nice training. Shadril sir was passionate about the course, and helped me to understand the entire view of the blue economy; helpful knowing what applies to my specific ocean economic industry.
6 months ago
6 months ago
i just love it
Got to know about blue economy as I always thought oceanic economy and blue economy are same.
Tanny Saha
6 months ago
I enjoyed it very much and I learned properly about blue economy . Its really helpful for me thank you
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