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Azoic Color: Learning an Ingrain Dye in 30 Minutes


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Azoic dye is an interesting class of dyes because of some unique characteristics. Many people who work with dye are fascinated by azoic dye, despite the fact that its current application is quite limited. Azoic colors are not ready-made dyes. It is produced on the fiber surface during the dyeing process. The production and application procedure has made this dye different from other dyes. Azoic Color: Learning an Ingrain Dye in 30 Minutes course will help you to learn about the azoic dye and its application.

We need to combine two compounds to produce this dye. The constituent compounds are water-soluble but the final product is water-insoluble. The wash fastness property of this dye is very good because of its water insolubility. The lightfastness property is also good because of the same reason. But the rubbing fastness property is very poor. We can produce many shades from this dye. Among the red and orange color is very popular. These properties have made this dye very special. The insoluble azoic pigment was first patented by Thomas and Robert Holliday in 1880.

Azoic dye has various names. They are-

Naphthol Color: The first coupling component is naphthol and known as naphthol color.

Ice Color: The diazotization reaction occurs at a very low temperature (00C -50C) which is commonly known as ice water. So, we call it ice color.

Pigment Color: In azoic dye, two components react with each other to create azoic color. These two components are water-soluble but the resultant color is insoluble in water.

This dye is also called magic color, fast color, and developed color.

All the lectures of the Azoic Color: Learning an Ingrain Dye in 30 Minutescourse are very easy, resourceful, and will be beneficial for the learners.


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