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A matrix is a rectangular array of numbers or expressions arranged in rows and columns. Matrix operations mainly involve three algebraic operations: the addition of matrices, subtraction of matrices, and multiplication of matrices. Taking this course would help you better understand matrix algebra. It begins with an introduction to matrices lecture to establish the basics before moving on to examine issues at the intermediate level, such as the matrix’s algebra, transpose and determinants, and adjoint and inverse.

The application of matrices plays a major role in Mathematics, as well as in other fields. It helps in solving linear equations. Matrices are extremely valuable objects and it has a wide range of applications. You can use it in scientific fields, mathematical areas, and almost every aspect of our lives.

To encourage practical learning, throughout the course I used many practice problems of  Matrix Algebra. For example, you can use Matrix in Cryptography to encrypt the data so that only the appropriate individual may access it and relate it to other information. In the past, we can not encrypt video communications. Since anyone with a satellite dish could view videos, satellite owners suffered a loss. As a result, they began encrypting the video signals so that only those using video ciphers could decrypt the signals. Using an invertible key you may encrypt the signals that are not invertible.  So they cannot be decrypted or restored to their original state. In this process, you may use Matrix algebra. A digital audio or video signal is initially thought of as a series of numbers that indicate the change in air pressure over time of an acoustic audio signal. Utilized are filtering methods that rely on matrix multiplication. In this course, in the last section, I have described the use of Matrix Algebra in Cryptography.

Last but not least, Don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any queries in the discussion forum.


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What to learn?

By the end of this course, you will be able to develop an understanding of how to solve problems in Matrix Algebra. This course will enable students in solving problems on Matrix Algebra in their college/university curriculum. Learn how to apply fundamental Matrix Algebra concepts in solving practical problems.


  • Basic Mathematics


  • Students who are struggling with matrix operation.
  • Anyone curious about matrix.


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