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A-IoT for Agricultural Automation


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Lecture 02 Real-life problems in agriculture and possible solutions

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About Course

Each and everyday science is helping us to make our daily life easier. At this stage of modernization- the Internet of Things( IoT) is also playing a vital role. It is a technology to communicate with the machine/sensors remotely using internet connectivity. Mostly IoT is used for monitoring/early warning/prediction of any system concerning real life.

Nowadays, IoT is drawing the attention of different stakeholders including agriculture. Cultivable land area is decreasing each and every day, especially in the South-Asian region due to industrialization and increased population. This course will be focused to get familiar with the automation of our agriculture system by engaging different kinds of sensors to improve the cultivation process by getting the exact information of the whole process remotely.


Learning Outcomes of this Course:
After completion of this course participants are expected to be able to:

  • Identify different roles of sensor
  • Design IoT base and cloud interface
  • Integrate different IoT components Interface with a development board
  • Use of IoT for collecting data remotely
  • Use of IoT for real-life applications
  • Built IoT environment for real-life application.

This course has been developed with the support of the Commonwealth of learning, Canada

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What to learn?

Different kinds of sensors/components are required for real-life applications How to use basic components Basic interfacing with different components Get familiar with IoT and cloud Use of micro-controller/development board to acquire data. Interface sensors with development and send data to the remote server Implementation real-life applications based on IoT


  • Basic knowledge of hardware/components.


  • Engineering Students
  • Agro-farm
  • Researchers
  • Agency/organization related to agriculture


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Hafizul Imran
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Hafizul Imran Senior Lecturer, Department of Software Engineering Daffodil International University (DIU)

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